Message to Members of the Katepwa Beach Golf Club

May 28, 2020

As we move to 12-minute tee times, we thought it appropriate to remind everyone of the process flow and SHA restrictions (May 15th Post) and we encourage all to have a read of this to remind themselves and others in your golfing network of the required steps to keep you and our staff safe. There are a few other areas to highlight:

  • Since bunker rakes are not on the course, we ask that you keep your tracks in the sand to a minimum by retracing your steps out of the bunker and smoothing out your divot and footprints as much as possible. The marshals are raking the bunkers when they can, but lets make it as easy on them as possible;
  • The bell on the 6th fairway is a touch-point that we need to eliminate. We ask that you stay visible on the fairway from the 6th tee until all golfers are out of range but to not ring the bell;
  • Another reminder that garbage cans are not provided on the course – please pack out what you pack in;
  • Make sure you book carts with your round if needed – they may be in limited supply with the one rider per cart restriction and the 12-minute tee time interval; and,
  • Please note that our staff are required to sanitize the clubhouse washroom after each use and, as such, we ask that you use this sparingly so as to keep staff free for operational duties.


That’s it for this time. Let’s keep the pace of play in mind as we move to 12-minute tee times, both to ensure physical distancing and also an enjoyable experience for all!

May 15, 2020


  1. Thanks for choosing to play at the Katepwa Beach Golf Club. We hope you have an enjoyable round today.
  2. Beverage Services and On Course Amenities
    1. There is no water available on the course.
    2. On course washroom facilities are closed. The Clubhouse washroom is available with access restrictions in place.
    3. Clubhouse staff are available at (306) 332-2582 to take your beverage order. Once we send you to the Staging Area, you will be able to pay for your beverages using debit card, credit cards or from your general golf account. You can pay at the front door and your beverages will be in a cooler bag at the back door with your name on the bag. Please follow the directional arrows on the front deck.
  3. Saskatchewan Health Authority Restrictions - As you are no doubt aware, the Saskatchewan Health Authority has placed certain restrictions on the operations of golf courses to ensure your and our staff remain safe. In particular we want to bring the following items to your attention:
    1. Physical Distancing is to be observed at all times.
    2. Golf Carts
      1. For your safety, Club rented golf carts are fully sanitized prior to each use.
      2. Occupancy of golf carts is restricted to one player per cart unless you are from the same household. If you want to ride together, please confirm with the Starter that you are from the same household
      3. Between holes with a longer walk from green to tee, a golfer who is walking is not permitted to ride along or place their clubs on a playing partners cart.
      4. If you haven’t paid for your Club rented cart, once cleared to do so please go to the front door and pay with your credit or debit card prior to proceeding to the Staging Area. Please follow the directional arrows on the decks
    3. Tee Boxes
      1. Ball washers and bench tops have been removed
      2. If you must be on the tee box at the same time please remain 2 meters apart
      3. The tee markers are set each day by our Grounds Crew and should not be moved or touched
      4. No divot repair material boxes are available. Our Grounds Crew will repair divots on the tee box on a regular basis
      5. Do not pick up broken or discarded tees. Brush the tees to the side and our Grounds Crew will dispose of them in a safe manner.
    4. Fairways
      1. Maintain physical distance from each other, keep your respective carts a safe distance apart and stay clear of any of our Grounds Crew you may encounter.
      2. All divot replacement material bottles have been removed from the golf carts. Our Grounds Crew will repair fairway divots as necessary. Use your judgement as to whether a divot is in good enough shape for you to replace it.
      3. If a penalty area boundary marker restricts your swing or stance do not remove the boundary marker. Take one club length relief no closer to the hole in accordance the rules of golf applicable to relief situations
    5. Greens
      1. The cup has been filled with a pool noodle to prevent you from having to retrieve your ball from the bottom of the cup.
      2. The flag stick is to remain in the cup at all times and should not be touched
      3. Players should access the green one player at a time
      4. Please use continuous putting. Putting will begin with the player whose ball is closest to the pin. That player will continue to putt until their ball is considered holed. Once the putt is considered holed, the player should leave the green promptly. The next player whose ball is now closest to the pin shall proceed in the same manner until their putt is considered holed. This process will continue until all putts are considered holed.
    6. Bunkers
      1. All bunker rakes have been removed from the course
      2. Bunkers will be raked at the beginning of the day by our Grounds Crew
      3. We re using a “preferred lie” in the bunkers. If your ball falls in a depression, not caused by your ball, you may lift your ball, without penalty, repair the depression, replace your ball and play the bunker shot from that position.
      4. Once you have played your bunker shot, smooth the bunker as best you can so that the bunker is in reasonable shape for the next player.
    7. Penalty Areas
      1. All penalty areas are considered lateral.
      2. Follow the guideline (maximum of 3 minutes) for permitted search times for a ball that comes to rest in a penalty area
      3. If you can not specifically identify a found ball as yours, please leave the ball in the penalty area and avoid touching that particular ball.
      4. If you do not find your ball use the lateral penalty rules to proceed with your play.
    8. Pace of Play
      1. As always you should adhere to an approximate playing time of 15 minutes per hole.
      2. In no circumstances are you permitted to ‘Play Through’ a slower group. Our marshal will monitor the pace of play and will ask slower groups to speed up their pace of play.
  4. On Course Marshals
    1. Our on course marshals are responsible for monitoring:
      1. Pace of play
      2. Physical distancing
      3. Compliance with SHA restrictions as outlined.
    2. Non-compliance with SHA and Course Restrictions
      1. Non-compliance with the SHA and Course restrictions will result in a progression of disciplinary actions which may include
        1. A warning about non-compliance and registration of that warning with our Clubhouse Manager
        2. Immediate removal from the course with that action registered with our Clubhouse Manager.
        3. Restriction in playing privileges by the Board of Directors
  5. Round Completion
    1. Upon completion of your round please take your Club rented cart to the Cart Cleaning Area.
    2. You are required to clean out your cart and place recyclable and garbage materials in the appropriate container
    3. To return to your vehicle, you may either leave your clubs in the lower parking area or carry your clubs to the upper parking area.
    4. Please exit the parking areas promptly.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope that your golf experience at the Katepwa Beach Golf Club is nothing short of amazing.

May 15, 2020


1. Arrive no earlier than 20 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time
2. Remain in your vehicle until the Starter calls your tee time
3. Move to Starter Station, observing appropriate physical distancing
4. Receive instructions from the Starter on playing conditions, restrictions, beverage services and traffic flow
5. Proceed to Hand Sanitizer Station and sanitize your hands prior to accessing the Club rental carts
6. When released by the Starter, advance to the Staging Area
    a. prepare Club rental cart for your round and await further Starter instructions
    b. Member owned carts await further instruction from the Starter
7. When released by the Starter, advance to the First Tee
8. First Tee ball is permitted only when your tee time is shown on the first tee clock
9. Observe on course traffic flow instructions
10. Upon round completion, follow the cart path along the 9th hole to the Cart Return Area.
11. Empty your cart of any garbage and recyclable items and place them in the provided containers in the cart return area.
12. Either leave your clubs in the lower parking lot or carry them to the upper parking lot.
13. Exit the parking lots promptly.

May 7, 2020

April 24th, 2020

Through perseverance and sacrifice of all kinds, Saskatchewan has flattened our curve. We are PROUD to be able to open the beautiful fairways and greens of the Katepwa Beach Golf Club effective May 15th, 2020. Golfers are required to comply with the Covid-19 restrictions provided by the Saskatchewan Government in their ReOpen Saskatchewan document published on April 23rd, 2020. In compliance with those restrictions we have implemented procedures to ensure the safety or our staff and golfers. Those procedures include a strict monitoring process and Board supported actions for non-compliance.

Our on-line system will be available in the near future for bookings in accordance with our on-line booking policies. Payment will be required in advance in accordance with the Saskatchewan Health Authority restrictions.

Please come and enjoy a safe and enjoyable round of golf at our beautiful golf course. Truly the "Best Drive You'll Make All Year"

April 11th, 2020

Not much to report this week. There has been no new information from the Province of Saskatchewan regarding golf club operations – for now, we’ll go with the assumption that no news is good news.

As noted last week, course maintenance has started with Terry and some of his team on site. Given the weather recently, it hasn’t been too tempting to wander out on the course. Nevertheless, for the safety of our staff, it is imperative that everyone (members and public) stay off the golf club grounds. I can’t stress this strongly enough, only course and clubhouse staff are permitted on the grounds. Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees. By ensuring their safety, and being able to demonstrate this to health authorities, we also increase the chances we have a course to golf on this year.

While we haven’t heard anything from the Province of Saskatchewan, the federal government has been revising employment programs with updated information coming out regularly. The Board is closely following these developments and has already taken steps to access some of this funding. Be assured that we will avail the club and our staff of funding to the fullest extent possible.

That’s it for this week.  Stay safe everyone.


April 8, 2020

Like so much else in this world right now, the Covid-19 pandemic has cast uncertainty over the 2020 golf season in Saskatchewan. The opportunity for fresh air and the therapeutic pace of play are just a few of golf’s benefits we all could use right now. However at this point, it remains to be seen when we can greet you in our sweet clubhouse, or listen to your after round laughs with your golf buddies. The health of our golfers, and the importance of flattening the curve so the world can resume again, is of paramount importance to us. Please #stayhome, keep your families safe, and we will update you with decisions surrounding the golf industry, as we hear them. Stay safe!


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