Course Update May 28, 2020

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Message to Members of the Katepwa Beach Golf Club

May 28, 2020

From the Home Office of the President

The Board met again on Wednesday night to discuss both ongoing operations and, finally, a look to the future now that operations seem well in hand. Having said that, as we move to 12-minute tee times, we thought it appropriate to remind members of the process flow and SHA restrictions (attached) and we encourage all members to have a read of this to remind themselves and others in your golfing network of the required steps to keep you and our staff safe. There are a few other areas to highlight:

  • Since bunker rakes are not on the course, we ask that you keep your tracks in the sand to a minimum by retracing your steps out of the bunker and smoothing out your divot and footprints as much as possible. The marshals are raking the bunkers when they can, but lets make it as easy on them as possible;
  • The bell on the 6th fairway is a touch-point that we need to eliminate. We ask that you stay visible on the fairway from the 6th tee until all golfers are out of range but to not ring the bell;
  • Another reminder that garbage cans are not provided on the course – please pack out what you pack in;
  • Make sure you book carts with your round if needed – they may be in limited supply with the one rider per cart restriction and the 12-minute tee time interval; and,
  • Please note that our staff are required to sanitize the clubhouse washroom after each use and, as such, we ask that you use this sparingly so as to keep staff free for operational duties.

That’s it for this time. Let’s keep the pace of play in mind as we move to 12-minute tee times, both to ensure physical distancing and also an enjoyable experience for all!